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IELTS Teacher China Dr. Arian Karimi IELTS Expert

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IELTS Teacher China can rarely found but Dr. Arian Karimi as an IELTS Expert is offering online ielts classes for Chinese students to help them get an acceptable ielts band score and pursue their education abroad. According to Dr. Arian Karimi approach to IELTS teaching, a IELTS lesson plan helps ielts candidates to take the exam confidently after taking part in a well-planned ielts preparation course. Dr. Arian Karimi is a certified ielts teacher who hold ielts teaching and TESOL certificates awarded by London Teacher Training College and a PhD in English Teaching with over 20 years of experience in teaching IELTS and TOEFL.

Online IELTS Teacher in China

Actually, your IELTS teacher has an exceptional talent to teach English and has a great impact on your ielts result. To achieve your goal in a short time you need to find a proper ielts class. To be honest, it is not available in China, but you have the chance to find an online ielts course with an English teacher specialized in IELTS to sharpen your skills and get familiar with ielts test format and type of questions and more importantly with the ielts tips and strategies. 

Giving feedback by your IELTS Teacher in China

Moreover, as an ielts student in China getting immediate feedback and support to develop your skills and strategic competence in IELTS is vital for you. Not to mention that time is a key factor in this regard and a good ielts teacher can save your time and energy to meet your deadline.

Lastly, if you want to have the best ielts teacher in China at home contact us to join Dr. Arian Karimi ielts class


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We offer a variety of IELTS courses via Skype as follows:

  • Online variety IELTS courses (one-to-one ielts class)
  • Online semi-private IELTS courses (two ielts students)
  • Pre-ielts courses to start from low levels
  • IELTS skills courses to sharpen your ielts skills and increase your ielts band score ( at least 7+)

The main advantages of our ielts courses:

  • Flexible time schedule
  • Concentrated of your weaknesses
  • Held at your convenience
  • Started immediately
  • Utilizing a well-organized lesson plan
  • Providing online ielts preparation materials (PDFs and on our website)
  • Elaboration on the recent ielts test samples
  • Time-effective IELTS preparation lesson plan

Our Intensive IELTS courses are planned for whom are determined to maximize their ielts band scores in different skills focusing on speaking and communicational skills to improve your speaking skill as well.


Get Familiar with the recent IELTS test samples


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Master Arian is an experienced IELTS expert who has held a plenty of English exams preparation courses both online and face to face ones such as IELTS,TOEFL and also English teacher training courses and so forth offering an exclusive coaching concept map mainly for those college students who are willing to get admission form reputable universities .Besides, for whom are going to immigrate to other countries. Read more...

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