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What Is Celpip-General Exam

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The CELPIP-General Test is a complete English language testing program that assesses general levels of functional competency. The test is completely computer-delivered and consists of following components:


  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking


The Canadian Test


The CELPIP-General Test uses the English variety spoken in Canada. Individuals wishing to immigrate to and adapt to life in Canada relate more to understanding and using Canadian English than other varieties of English used in other comparable testing systems.



Try the CELPIP-General free online practice test.



Benefits of the Computer-Delivered CELPIP-General Test


1. Allows test takers to complete all components of the test in just one three-hour sitting. The Speaking component requires no additional appointments with an examiner. This allows test takers to demonstrate their English proficiency without the confounding effects associated with human interaction as used in other testing systems.


2. Completing the test with a keyboard and mouse rather than paper and pen can provide a considerable advantage to the test taker, especially in the Writing component.


3. The use of a headset for the Listening component allows test takers to adjust the volume to suit their own needs.


4. The Writing component includes an automatic “word count” function.


5. Each component of the test includes a timer, which allows test candidates to keep track of their own time.

>> Who uses CELPIP-General Test Results?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


The CELPIP-General Test is designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as proof of English language proficiency for those applying for permanent resident status in Canada under the following immigration streams:


Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP),

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP),

Canadian Experience Class (CEC),

Start-up Visa Program, and


various Provincial Nominee Programs.

>> Test Format and Scoring


CELPIP-General Test Format and Scoring


The CELPIP-General Test is completely computer-delivered and is taken at one of our designated test centres.

To complete this test, test takers must know how to use a computer mouse and standard keyboard.




The CELPIP-General Test has four test components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The parts of each test component and the timing are shown below.


Number of
Component Sections
Listening 47 minutes 2 Practice Task
8 Part 1: Listening to Problem Solving
5 Part 2: Listening to a Daily Life Conversation
6 Part 3: Listening for Information
5 Part 4: Listening to a News Item
8 Part 5: Listening to a Discussion
6 Part 6: Listening to Viewpoints
5-8 Part 7: Unscored Items*
Reading 60 minutes 11 Part 1: Reading Correspondence
8 Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram
9 Part 3: Reading for Information
10 Part 4: Reading for Viewpoints
8-11 Part 5: Unscored Items*
Writing 53 minutes 1 Task 1: Writing an Email
1 Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions
Speaking 20 minutes 1 Practice Task
1 Task  1: Giving Advice
1 Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience
1 Task 3: Describing a Scene
1 Task 4: Making Predictions
1 Task 5: Comparing and Persuading
1 Task  6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation
1 Task 7: Expressing Opinions
1 Task  8: Describing an Unusual Situation


  Total test time allotted is 180 minutes or 3 hours.

*Unscored Items: The Listening and Reading Tests contains unscored items used for test development. These unscored items can be found anywhere within each test and will have the same format as one of the other parts of the test. You will not know which part of the test contains the unscored items, so apply your best effort to all parts of the test.

Note: Test takers will be required to read answer choices in the Listening Test and the questions in the Speaking Test. To get an idea of what the test is like, we recommend purchasing study materials or reviewing our free online sample test.




Each component of the test (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) will be given a CELPIP Level. Below is a chart of each CELPIP-General level and its corresponding description. Since the CELPIP-General Test scores have been calibrated against the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels, we have included the CLB level equivalencies for your information.




CELPIP Descriptor

CLB Level


Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Highly effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Good proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Adequate proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Developing proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Acquiring proficiency in workplace and community contexts



Adequate proficiency for daily life activities



Some proficiency in limited contexts



Minimal proficiency or insufficient information to assess

0, 1, 2

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