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Amazing facts about GRE


Any examination generates certain stress in a student, but not GRE. The reason being that GRE is a Psychometric test. Now most of you must be wondering what a Psychometric test is. It means an examination based on a students' perception levels. Isn’t that cool? So contrary to other high-tension examinations the GRE is a test that is designed keeping in view the students' psychological stamina.

Hence, the GRE is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) that adapts to the students’ perceptional requirements.

When the first question of GRE appears on the screen, you will not fall into abysmal depression. The first question that appears will be just ‘moderately’ difficult. That means most of you will be happy answering it for you are almost sure of the answer. As they say well begun is half done, you will carry this positive, stress-free feeling through out the exam.

In case you are unable to answer a tough question, the subsequent question posed to you will be considerably easier. This way the entire exam will be tuned to suit your requirement. In simpler words the exam keeps you feeling better time and again. Isn’t that amazing!

A judicious preparation for the exam will certainly pay rich dividends. A very high score in GRE is something that is not unusual. It is like you have the bag of luck and awesome future in your own hands. You alone can open it. Right?

To err is human! Let us not forget this famous aphorism. Despite unlimited advice and relentless hard work one might fail to get what one pines for. That doesn’t mean one becomes pessimistic and stops looking at the rosier aspects of life. Certainly not! GRE exam can be taken at least five more times in a year. That is until you get a score that satisfies you thoroughly. Isn’t that once again amazing! And what else, the GRE test score is valid for a period of five years! Awesome!

Students keep asking me what a GRE Subject test is. The GRE Subject test is offered for a few specific programs like Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. Most of the grad schools value GRE General Test score only as a criterion for admission. However each grad school has its own philosophy. As a diligent student you can contact the admission board directly for more information on subject GRE.

However you want to tell the admission board that you can run for their School an extra mile. And you are passionate about being an alumnus there; the Subject GRE offers you just the right platform. The score of the GRE Subject test ranges from 200 to 990.

There is also a Paper Based GRE Test, conducted in the areas where Computer Testing paraphernalia is not available. There will be an extension of time frame by 45 minutes in the case of a Paper based GRE and naturally you cannot take the Paper Based GRE round the year. It is limited to a certain time frame. The Subject GRE exam too is conducted in the Paper Based Test centers thrice a year i.e. October, November and April. Immediate Paper Based tests for GRE are available on 23rd November and 4th December 2009.

I guess we are now equipped with quite a few inspiring facts about GRE. Without delaying anymore you can start your preparation. I tell always: a final minute preparation could be both stress generating and devastating. Hence give yourself adequate time to understand GRE section-wise and then prepare accordingly.

In a nutshell:

GRE is a Psychometric Examination
GRE continues to keep your spirits high throughout the test!
A student can take GRE five times a year, once in a month!
Paper Based GRE Tests are available exclusively in areas where there is a paucity of Computer Systems
A Subject GRE cuts the student above the rest in competition
A good score in GRE and a subsequent admission into a reputed grad school changes the life of a student for the better and forever!!

Have you got even more interesting aspects of GRE to share with us? Please do comment here and let the world know them!!


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