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Thursday, 21 September 2023 00:46

English Teacher in China : Dr. Arian Karimi as an English teacher in China

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English Teacher in China: Dr. Arian Karimi is a well-experienced ESL Teacher in over 50 cities in China. To book your English class with the best English teacher give us a call or message to enjoy learning English in a fast English course. we offer general English-speaking courses and business English courses as well and teach you a hundred of words and English phrases every session.

China is one of the best places to teach English as an English Teacher in China in my point of view around the world for teaching English abroad. English students are friendly and lovely and I really Enjoy working with them and know that for teaching English China is the largest market in the world. Many English learners are eager to learn English and have intensive English course. Most English teachers do not choose China as their first priority to teach English abroad, but I do. knowing about the country's incredible opportunities, it's not surprising that it is the most popular country to teach English.

My plan to move and work as an English teacher in China

being multi-cultural, having beautiful sceneries and being a modern country make it a dream place to live for me. Moreover, the job market for teaching English abroad in China is the largest in the world. Fantastic travel opportunities throughout Asia are available. All these things are my main reasons for planning to move to China ASAP, but for now I am teaching English online to Chinese students with the same quality to face-to-face classes and then I will start my journey as as English Teacher in China in near future. Many teachers gain TEFL qualifications to teach English abroad.in my opinion China is one of the best countries for English teaching in terms of cultural experiences.

I can make friends from all over the world and I am sure I will make many new international and local friends in a short while and I will find yourself in a cosmopolitan city in China.

Benefits of Learning English with me

  • Being completely prepared for an English-speaking job environment
  • Travelling and enjoying your great communicational skills
  • Accessing World-Class Education Systems and universities
  • Living in an English-Speaking Country with any problem
  • Improving Your speaking Confidence

As the main language of communication in all part of the world, English proficiency will be your topmost skill in an international workplace and learning English opens a door to many opportunities to you.

Job applicants who are fluent in English have a better chance to secure a job at the first try. In 2023, any specialist in any field need to be familiar with English enough to write and speak in English professionally.

The business world and international trade are dynamic for using English as the means of communication and English has become the international language of science and medicine over the last decades. English is also widely used in the net in which the most useful websites and articles are in English and that is why English Teacher in China is really needed.

Travel and visiting the world particularly English-speaking countries, like the UK, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and also the countries where English is the official language including Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Kenya, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius and the Philippines needs a good command of English to have a great experience and memorable moments and communicate effectively. Furthermore, studying whether in China or other universities in the world requires proven English skills and IELTS or TOEFL certificate. In this regard, after completing your general English course you can take part in my IELTS or TOEFL iBT classes to ace your exam confidently.


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