Online IELTS Canada : The Best IELTS & TOEFL & CELPIP Teacher in Canada

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Online IELTS Canada : The Best IELTS & TOEFL & CELPIP Teacher in Canada


A well-qualified and dynamic EAP Teacher / Tutor available to work days or evenings, in a friendly, fast-paced environment.


Dr. Arian Karimi has diverse range of English programs and courses to both adult and young English language learners and offers English language courses in the following general and specialized areas:


Academic English ( English for Academic Pourposes )

English Tests Preparation ( IELTS, TOELF, CELPIP, PTE )

Preparing lessons designed to increase students’ language skills, their accuracy and fluency, appropriate to a broad range of situations and needs, . 

Eliciting students’ interests and language needs in an organized way

Assessing students' language needs and planning lessons and curriculum and Student Progress Reports for the level being taught
selecting appropriate materials and resources

Using materials effectively

Creating an atmosphere that encourages all students equally in self- expression, self-reflection, cooperation and leadership


Use a range of modern and traditional language learning techniques and methodology including the following:

Providing students with vocabulary acquisition for formal and informal situations

Introducing, practicing and reviewing language structures (grammar) using a communicative approach

Developing communication strategies such as initiating, maintaining, closing of verbal interactions across a wide spectrum of situations drawn from daily life

Increasing communicative skill through appropriate question and answer techniques, presentations, decision-making, offering feedback to others, analyzing and evaluating situations, negotiating, debating, etc.

Shaping pronunciation and speech production towards natural English


Supporting and encouraging students to self-correction


Evaluating and offering feedback to the students in ways that increase their self-confidence in using English


Dr. Arian Karimi IELTS Group is an award-winning global educator that delivers quality educational programs using a dynamic approach that responds to student interests. We has been offering language training programs to International students from more than 100 countries since 2001. We also offer a range of programs in incredible locations around the world, in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal, Canada; New Delhi, India; and Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, Australia.

Our mission is to keep developing Dr. Arian Karimi Educational Group as one of the best online educational group for language education where people have excellent and transformative learning and living experiences.


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  ایران - تهران - بلوار فردوس شرق - روبروی گلستان شمالی - پلاک 244

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درباره استاد آرین ( دکتر آرین کریمی )


دکتر آرین کریمی با شهرت استاد آرین دارای مدرک بین المللی تدریس آیلتس از انگلستان ( IELTS Teaching Certificate ) و مدرک بین المللی تدریس زبان انگلیسی از انگلستان ( TESOL ) و با سالها تجربه در برگزاری دوره های موفق آمادگی آزمونهای بین المللی زبان انگلیسی نظیر آیلتس تافل جی آر ای و ... با ارائه جزوه منحصر بفرد خود و برنامه ریزی دقیق مطالعاتی و برگزاری جلسات رفع اشکال و تست زنی تاکنون دانشجویان بسیاری را تربیت و به خارج از کشور جهت اخذ پذیرش از دانشگاه های معتبر خارج از کشور و مهاجرت به کشورهایی نظیر آمریکا ،استرالیا ، انگلستان ، هند ، کانادا ، نیوزلند ، دبی ، آلمان ، ایتالیا ، سوئد ، قبرس ، مالزی ، ترکیه ، امارات متحده عربی ، هلند ، تایلند ، چین ، ژاپن ، کره جنوبی و دیگر کشورهای اروپایی و آماده نموده است . و همچنین با برگزاری دوره های تربیت مدرس آیلتس تاکنون اساتید زیادی را تعلیم و به آموزشگاهای معتبر زبان معرفی نموده است مقالات آموزش آیلتس و تافل دکتر کریمی...


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